Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pacific Valves

Pacific Valves

Pacific HF Acid Valves

As the leading manufacturer of Hydrofluoric Acid valves, Pacific is the only HF Acid valve producer who is approved by all the major licensers in all sizes and pressure ranges. Built under our ISO 9001 quality program, Pacific HF Acid gate, globe and check valves are available from 1/2 to 30" and meet the exacting requirements of API 600 and 602.

  • Gate Valves, Globe Valves, and Valves Check
  • Class 150 - Class 800
  • Sizes 1/2" - 30"
  • Solid Monel with Monel Trim
  • High Integrity Shut-Off Option
  • Monel Bonnet Sleeve
  • WCB with Monel Material
  • API 600 and API 602

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